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Here’s Why You Should Absolutely Stage Your Home in Waterloo Region

The truth is, staged homes sell faster, and can often sell for more money. This is why it is important to make use of staging to get your home sold for top dollar. Even in a competitive real estate market like Waterloo region.

When it comes to staging people often think that it just consists of cleaning up, throwing paint on the walls and changing the living the room cushions. While this is a great start, there is more to the art of staging and the significant strategy behind it. In reality, staging your home is your efforts in marketing your space. It’s showing prospective buyers that the home is attractive, homely and suitable to their needs. It also makes it much easier for prospective buyers to visualize the homes true potential. Which means that your efforts should reflect what you want to attract from a buyer.

In addition, Buyer’s Agents generally agree that staged homes are perceived better by the potential buyer.

So what should you do to ensure you maximize the benefits of home staging? Well having professional staging done can benefit the selling of your home greatly. Before bringing in the professionals, here’s what you can do first:

Declutter and Clean: One thing that you can do is begin decluttering your home and the unnecessary things that take away from showing your home in the best light possible.

Be open to change: When a professional stager walks into your home, they may tell you to change some things around. It’s important to be open

Besides the more simple tasks of what you can do to make your home more presentable for sale, you may be wondering why you should even bother at all? So here is a list of reasons why you should definitely stage your home.


It’s a competition: Yes, that’s right. Even in a seller’s market, it is a competition. If you want top dollar for your home, it needs to be presented as best as possible.

You get back what you put in: Indeed. What you put into your house, is what you are likely to get back. If you invest a decent amount on its presentation, then there is a good chance you will reap the benefits of a return on your investment.

Likely to sell faster: Because of all of the competition, staged homes generally sell faster than non-staged homes. As you can imagine, the faster a person can walk into a space and visualize themselves living there, the more likely it will sell.

Can lead to higher offers: There is a good chance that you will outdo your competition with higher offers on your home, simply because you’ve made it more desirable and more marketable.

We know that staging your home and getting it ready for the market can be very costly. Which is one of the reasons we take care of the staging process for you. With Team Burca real estate, every home we list receives complimentary home staging. We do not charge for this service, and homes that we stage are completed by professional interior designers. We believe you only have one chance to make a first impression, so why not make that impression count?

If you’re ready to list your home or just have some questions about the process, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to answer any questions you may have.


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Creative Ways To Put Your Home Equity to Use

With the changes in Canadian home prices over the past few years, many people were left with the option of cashing in on their home equity. In Kitchener, home prices had risen over 20% in 2016.  Increasing the net worth of many homeowners in the Waterloo region and providing an opportunity for equity borrowing. So, what are the benefits of tapping into home equity? Is it worth it? And, what can these extra funds typically be used for?  While the decision to tap into your home’s equity is purely personal, we’ve compiled a list a common reasons people generally use their home equity for.


Considered one of the top reasons people use their home equity funds, home improvements can actually be a good use of home equity funds.  As naturally, renovations and improvements increase the value of the home. This is often considered a safe investment. Borrowing money against your home, to increase its value.


Another good use of home equity funds is for investments.  This is a great option if you’re likely to get a higher return than the cost of borrowing.  

Real Estate: Generally, the top option here is to invest in more real estate.  Especially with the rise of real estate value in Ontario, this may be a great option to diversify your portfolio and add a rental property. Of course, there are many things to consider when choosing the right type of investment property to buy.

Business: Another popular reason people tap into their home equity funds is to start a business or finance an existing one. This may be a great option, provided you’ve completed your research and have a strong likelihood to succeed. Again, this may be a great investment choice, provided research and due diligence was performed.

Education:  Many people use equity funds to invest in education, either for themselves or their spouse/children. While this is seemingly a great option, you want to consider this, and all options wisely to ensure this is a truly a good long-term strategy. There have been situations where the educational investment didn’t provide a great enough return via job options to ensure that the extra debt was paid off adequately.  This can delay retirement and other life goals. Choose wisely.


Many homeowners use their equity for retirement purposes.  This option may seem great to get on with life as a retiree, however, it is important to keep in mind that this poses the risk of accruing higher debt as you age. An option that should be considered with caution.

There you have it.  Some of the top uses for tapping into home equity.  While we are providing this information, we strongly suggest that you consider all of your options wisely and seek professional advice from a reputable financial planner.


At Team Burca Real Estate we are committed to providing clients with excellent service. This includes educating clients on their best options when it comes to Real Estate. As Re/Max agents, we are apart of an organization that sells 1 in every 3 homes sold in Canada.  We would love to work with you on your real estate needs. For more information, contact us today!