Why do I need a realtor to sell my home when there are services that offer support to homeowners that want to sell their homes on their own?

A good realtor is a professional that is held to a high level of accountability and who studies residential sales information on regular basis so they are very knowledgeable of the current market values This knowledge coupled with an effective marketing plan that will emphasize the key features of your home and utilize the latest marketing technologies should achieve a sale price that in many cases will more than offset the savings you would have if you sold it on your own. Many homeowners that pursue selling on their own think they are ‘saving thousands’ but could be leaving thousands at the negotiating table because of the lack of knowledge in presentation and negotiation. At the end of the day you don’t just want to sell your home, you want to sell it for the best possible price!

Another aspect of the home sale involves liability. In today’s market this process can be a very dynamic one; coordinating showings, dealing with multiple offers, disclosing all of the material facts and avoiding legal complications after closing or even making every effort to ensure that the house will close on the scheduled date. These are all steps that realtors are trained to work through.

Is it important to present your home well even in a strong sellers’ market?

We rely on the fact that you never have a second chance to make a first impression. Even in a strong market a home that is ‘fit to sell’ can mean the difference between dealing with 1 offer or dealing with 5 offers in a multiple offer situation, and with more buyers willing to pay for your home you have a higher chance of selling it for an optimal price.

How can a realtor help me prepare my home for a top dollar sale?

Good realtors are professionals that understand the need to involve other professionals in the process of preparing and presenting your home for the optimal sale. We have referral networks of trusted professionals ranging from home designers, staging consultants, home inspectors, surveyors, contractors, professional photographers and videographers, lawyers, and many more.

How do you determine the value of a home in a quickly changing market like this one?

Our comparative market analysis involves the use of current data from the immediate geographic area, meaning that we have the capability to forecast the sale price of your home taking into consideration the changing prices.