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Home Garden Trends 2018 – Waterloo Region

One of the best things about summer is the ability to get outside and take in the beautiful sights, sounds, and smells of nature.  These days, as we gain more knowledge, and seek to understand how our environment affects us as a whole, we are seeing an increasing trend towards gardening.  As there are several noted benefits to gardening. Including, stress relief, happiness, and sense of responsibility among other things. So with studies showing us the intrinsic values associated with gardening, how do the overall benefits of gardening inform horticultural trends?  Well, we’ve researched a few trends expected to make waves this year.

Collaborative Gardening: Surely, you’ve heard of or already participate in shared garden space, like community garden initiatives. If you haven’t already, there are several in the Waterloo region, and you can check out the list here.  With this increasing trend, we are seeing the spirit of collaboration in an environmentally-friendly way. Offering a sort of group therapy and collective rewards for the participants.

Alfresco Living: The “outdoor living” trend is one of the fastest growing trends, with sales of outdoor furniture expected to rise by 3-4% yearly until 2021. Developing a creative outdoor living space is the new normal.  With comfy outdoor furniture, mini kitchens, fire pits, and everything else. The new trend is to create a livable entertainment space in your own yard. One of the benefits of this trend is the ability to hang out outside, but it’s also great for those who may lack the space they need to entertain their guests inside their homes.  Besides, Canadian Winters are so long, it’s refreshing to be able to spend hours outdoors.

Edible Landscaping/Foodscaping: Healthy eating and veganism are on the rise.  With gardening, the opportunity to grow your own food is available to anyone who so chooses.  The growing appreciation for organic foods encourages this trend and so we are seeing a major rise in edible garden trends, with edible plants infused amongst the landscape of other plants.  So what are some edibles that you can easily incorporate into your garden?

Greens: baby greens and gourmet greens are pretty expensive in-store, however, they are easy to grow – according to author Rhonda Fleming.

Herbs: many herbs are perennials which means you only have to plant them once.  This low maintenance option is great for any home garden. Examples are thyme, sage, and dill to name a few.

Peppers: easy to plant and make for great colour addition to your garden for a great aesthetic


As we gain more information, we are seeing that perhaps our grandparents were on to something.  Communal living and healthy, plant-based diets are certainly informing the gardening trend for 2018.  Have you incorporated any of these into your garden plans this year? Tell us about it, and snap a photo!

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