Moving can be a stressful time. You are, after all, relocating your life. That said, there are things that you can do ahead of time to make the process less stressful, and run as smooth as possible. Here are some tips to help you out.

Whatever you do, be sure to plan ahead and stay organized!

Things to do at least 4-5 weeks before moving:

  • Book movers/moving truck Start Sorting and Packing
  • Decide on what you’re keeping/bringing with you, and what you are getting rid of Clean up the yard and garage, sort through tools and storage  areas
  • Tip: tackle your home room by room/section by section to stay focused, and not clutter your space, or your thoughts!
  • Tip: Start with the things you don’t use often, then work your way down to your everyday  essentials

Change of Address:

  • Contact the necessary organizations and inform them of your new address to ensure a smooth transition.   This includes your cable, internet, and phone companies, banks, doctors,  etc.
  • Notify government agencies.  Visit ServiceOntario and have your identification cards updated. i.e., driver’s licence and health card
  • Notify Canada Post of new address
  • Notify children’s schools.  If relocating schools, ensure your child is registered for the  new one ahead of time
  • Contact your utilities company and notify them of the move to ensure you will have service available on the day you move into your new home

Things to do at least 1 week before moving:

  • Clean out your fridge and freezer Plan simple meals for the week
  • Arrange child care and pet care for moving day Clean up the yard and garage
  • Empty tanks from your power tools such as lawn mowers, and snow  blowers
  • If you are moving to a new subdivision, ensure there is enough drive space for a moving  truck