About Daniela Burca

Sales Representative

Daniela is a seasoned agent with a wealth of experience in residential real estate sales having worked in the profession since 2005. She was the pioneer of what has now evolved into the dynamic Team Burca real estate. She is the proud wife to Emil and happy mother to 6 children, to whom she devotes the bulk of her time. They formed a family in 2002 and have called Kitchener their city ever since.

Canada became home to Daniela when she was 12 years old. Starting a new life came with challenges in school and work as a youth. She developed a strong work ethic and customer service mentality having held several jobs in the service industry prior to her post-secondary education. She learned the importance of professionalism and feels satisfaction knowing she has been of assistance to those whom she is working with.

Daniela earned a pharmacy technician diploma at Ontario Business College and worked in the medical profession for 12 years; 10 of which were for the inpatient pharmacy team at Grand River Hospital. Communication and attention to detail were crucial and these are traits she continues to emphasize when she works with clients.

She is an ambitious person with the ability to see the big picture. She was responsible for the initiation of multiple construction projects her and Emil undertook together, learning along the way in many cases. She applies her knowledge and passion to what she does, a valuable resource to have on your side.